What to Expect When Renting a Bike from Owenhouse Cycling

owenhouse cycling bike rental customer riding in the mountains of bozeman montana

Are you interested in renting a bike from Owenhouse Cycling but unsure of how it works? No worries! We are here to help! In this blog, we break down everything you need to know about renting a bike from your local bike shop!

Why Rent A Bike In Bozeman?

If you’re visiting, renting a bike from Owenhouse Cycling can be a great way to explore new areas around Bozeman and get some exercise at the same time. Our shop is a short ride from Bozeman’s Gallagator Trail. Here, you can explore the amazing restaurants, breweries, and shopping Bozeman offers.

If you’re looking for some time on Bozeman’s world-class trails, our mountain bike and gravel bike rentals are for you. We have several trails within riding distance from the shop! Our team at Owenhouse Cycling is happy to help plan a great day on the trails.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ride a bike before buying it? At Owenhouse Cycling, you can rent several models to take out on the trails. This can be a great way to test out bikes with different geometry or frame materials. If you decide to purchase a bike from Owenhouse Cycling, we will deduct the cost of up to 3 bike rentals from the purchase price of your new bike!

What Kind Of Bikes Does Owenhouse Cycling Rent?

At Owenhouse Cycling, we have several options for bike rentals to satisfy your cycling needs, from cruising around town to ripping down Bozeman trails.

performance full suspension mountain bike available for rent at owenhouse cycling

Performance Full Suspension: $99 A Day

Our performance full-suspension mountain bikes are perfect for those looking to take on Bozeman’s steep climbs and descents. With premium components and frame materials, these bikes are top-of-the-line. Full-suspension bikes available in this category include:

  • Santa Cruz Tallboy
  • Santa Cruz 5010
  • Santa Cruz Bronson
  • Juliana Furtado
  • Ibis Ripmo
  • Ibis Ripley
rental giant full suspension bike available at owenhouse cycling

Full-Suspension Mountain Bike: $75 A Day

Looking for something a little more mellow than the performance full-suspension? If so, the full-suspension category might be right for you! This category offers everything you need to enjoy a day out on Bozeman’s single-track trails. The rear suspension is great for soaking up those roots, rocks, and bumps, keeping the back and bottom a little happier!

The Giant Trance is our preferred bike for the full-suspension category.

rental hardtail mountain bike from owenhouse cycling in bozeman

Hardtail Mountain Bike: $59 A Day

Looking for a do-it-all bike that pedals efficiently on paved trails and can explore single track? The hardtail mountain bike category is right for you! The hardtail is great for jumping on the Mainstreet to the Mountains trail and seeing where the day takes you!

The Giant Fathom is our bike of choice for the hardtail mountain bike rental category.

rental e-mountain bike from owenhouse cycling in bozeman

Mountain E-Bike: $99 A Day

Have you ever seen anyone sad on an e-bike? Us either! These bikes offer the versatility of a bicycle, but with the pedaling assist we all long for after a long ride on our rolling hills. These versatile e-mountain bikes offer full suspension for softening bumps and keeping riders’ backs and bottoms happy. Bikes available in this category include:

  • Giant Stance (E-Bike) E+ 1
  • Liv Embolden (E-Bike) E+ 1

Note: E-bikes are limited to riding on certain trails in Bozeman. If you plan to ride on trails with the e-bike, we recommend calling the store to see if that trail accepts e-bikes. If not, we would be happy to help plan a new route or get you on a bike with which you can ride that trail.

rental giant gravel bike from owenhouse cycling in bozeman

Gravel Bike: $69 A Day

Are you an adventure seeker looking to take in everything Bozeman has to offer? The gravel bike could be the tool that unlocks the vast mileage you seek! The gravel bike is unique in that it offers the pedaling efficiency of a road bike but with the off-road capabilities to explore gravel roads.

The Giant Revolt Advanced Zero is our bike of choice for the gravel bike category.

rental giant road bike from owenhouse cycling in bozeman

Road Bike: $69 A Day

Looking to log big road miles and take in the beautiful scenery of Bozeman? The road bike category could be for you! With a carbon frame and premium components, our Giant Defy Advanced 2 is a fast machine!

rental townie bicycle from owenhouse cycling in bozeman

Townie: $25 A Day

The Townie is the perfect bike for those looking to have a relaxing day exploring the town. This European cruiser has a comfortable seat, upright position, fenders, and gears to help you get up those challenging hills. It even has an ergonomic cup holder that keeps your drink within easy reach.

You will love the effortless feel of the Momentum Townie.

Ready To Reserve Your Rental?

Are you thinking, “Say no more! I need to reserve my rental today!” If so, head on over to our rentals page now. From there, you can reserve the bike you want when you need it.

How To Book A Rental

Booking your rental at Owenhouse Cycling has never been easier!

Step 1: Head over to our rentals page on the website. From there, you just need to click the ‘book now’ button to access our booking portal.

view of bike rental options for owenhouse cycling

Step 2: Once in the portal, you can see all of the different bike categories we offer for rental. Once you have found the category that you would like to rent, click the book now button.

view of rental page for performance mountain bike options from owenhouse cycling

Step 3: From this page, you can view the available dates for that bike category by navigating to the ‘book your rental’ calendar. Once you select the date you would like to book the rental, the tool will load all available models and sizes available for that day. Next, you will need to select the number of days you would like to rent the bike.

Step 4: Now’s the fun part! Select the model and size you would like to rent. Once selected, click the add to cart button to be taken to checkout.

display of rental accessories for mountain biking in bozeman

Step 5: Are you going to need a helmet, tool kit, or clipless pedals? If so, these can be added in the next step of the checkout process.

The final step will be to complete the checkout process. We charge a 20% deposit to book the rental. If you cancel prior to 48 hours, there will be a refund of your 20% deposit. If you cancel within 48 hours, the deposit will not be refunded. The complete charge for the rental will take place on the day of the bike rental.

If you have any questions throughout the process, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our team will be happy to walk you through any roadblocks or answer any questions you may have.

Picking Up & Dropping Off Your Rental

If you have booked your rental through our booking system, picking up and dropping off is effortless!

entrance to owenhouse cycling in bozeman

Picking Up Your Rental

You can pick up your rental as early as 8 am in the morning. Make sure to sign our rental waiver online after booking your rental. If not, you will need to sign the waiver in-store before taking off with your rental.

We will email you before your rental day confirming size, weight, and pedal preference. If that email is answered, your bike will be waiting for you and ready to go as soon as you arrive.

Need any help planning your ride? Our team is here to help! We are happy to review your plans for the day/week and assist with our local knowledge.

owenhouse cycling team member taking in a rental mountain bike

Dropping Off Your Rental

Dropping off your rental is as easy as picking it up! Make sure to return the rental by 5 pm. Once you return, we will have a technician get the bike on the stand to review and check for any damages. Once we have looked the bike over, you are good to go!

Note: There will be a $25 fee for exclusively dirty bikes that are returned at the end of a rental.

Be sure to let us know how your ride went! We love hearing about how our rental customers enjoyed their riding experience in Bozeman!

Rules For Bike Rentals

The rules for renting a bike through Owenhouse Cycling are relatively simple. Our most important rule is to be respectful of community members and always be in control while riding the bike. You are responsible for any damage to the bike or other community members.

When renting an e-bike from Owenhouse Cycling, you are expected to honor the rules and regulations of the Bozeman trail system. If you are not supposed to ride an e-bike on a trail, we expect you to follow those rules.

Due to the amount of wear and tear our rental bikes have received when being loaded onto and off of lifts and the severity of the extreme downhill trails at the resorts, our rental bikes are not to be used in lift-access areas. This includes Big Sky Resort and Discovery Resort. If you wish to rent a bike for riding in lift-access areas, please contact the resorts. There will be a $100 fee if you bring an Owenhouse Cycling rental bike to a lift-service bike park.

The last rule is to be respectful of the trails here in Bozeman. Riding on trails when conditions are bad not only makes for a bad ride but can also damage the trail tremendously. A good rule of thumb is if your tires are leaving a track in the trail, it’s too wet!

Where To Ride With Your Rental Bike

There are so many things to do with a rental bike in Bozeman! If you’re looking for a relaxing day of riding around Downtown Bozeman, we recommend taking the Mainstreet to the Mountains trail. Main Street has great restaurant options, MAP Brewing, and Montana State University to explore.

If you’re looking for mountain biking trails, you’re in the right place! Check out the top 5 trails for beginner mountain bikers here, or if you’re looking for something a little spicier, check out the top 5 intermediate trails for mountain bikers in Bozeman here.

Let us know if you would like assistance planning your day when picking up your rental. Our team is happy to help provide helpful local knowledge of places to visit or trails to ride!

Reserve Your Rental Today

Now you have all the information needed for a great bike rental experience in Bozeman! It’s time to start planning your dates, bike category, and adventure! If you would like any assistance in planning this out, reach out to our helpful team at Owenhouse Cycling!

Click here to view our rental bikes or shop new bikes here.

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