A Parent’s Guide to Kids on Bikes, from Shotgun Seats to Strider Bikes

Parent's Guide to Kids on Bikes with kids riding the trails in Bozeman, Montana

As fellow parents and folks who love bikes, we know firsthand the joys and benefits of hitting the trails with your kids. We also know what it can feel like when you first have kids. Will I get to ride as much as I have been? Will my partner and I be able to ride together? Will my life just be one long Paw Patrol episode on repeat?!?

We’ve been there! The pace will definitely slow down for a while, but involving your kids on bike adventures will bring more joy to your ride than you ever imagined. And trust us, pretty soon, it will be you who’s trying to keep up!

At Owenhouse Cycling, we’re here to provide high-quality biking products that make family rides safe, fun, and memorable. In this guide, we’ll cover some of our favorite gear, including shotgun seats, strider bikes, the Shotgun Tow Rope, and kids’ bikes.

Alright, let’s get to it!

Getting Started with Kids on Bikes

Just like you wouldn’t go for a hike in flip-flops and a swimsuit, it’s important to choose age-appropriate biking options to ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable experience. The correct bike size can make all the difference in their comfort level.

No matter their age, always prioritize safety with proper gear: helmets, pads, and reflective clothing are essential for protecting your little adventurers on every ride.

Kids Mountain Biking Helmets and Gear

Most of us have a story about thanking our helmet for its protection in an unexpected accident. Keep your kid’s noggin safe! The most popular choice for young riders is the Kids Fixture with MIPS from Giro. It offers advanced protection with a comfortable fit.

We also carry the Giro Scamp, designed with a pinch-guard buckle to avoid pinching delicate skin, and the Lazer Nutz, which is perfect for kids with its lightweight design and easy adjustment system.

kids on bikes wearing Giro helmets

Now that their head is protected, it’s time to move on to eye protection! It’s hard not to be the coolest person on the block when you’re wearing Goodr sunglasses! Good news, your kiddo can be as cool as you! With these essentials, your kids will be stylishly safe and ready to conquer any trail! And remember, we’re always here with any questions about getting your little one geared up for a ride!

Biking is the MOST fun!

Our Favorite Ways to Bike with Kids

Shotgun Seats

Shotgun seats are an awesome way to include your littlest ones in your biking adventures. These front-mounted seats allow your child to sit between your arms, providing a safe and engaging way to experience the ride.

parent riding a bike with their kid in a shotgun seat

Safety tips for using child bike seats:

  • Make sure it’s installed correctly and has a secure fit on your bike.
  • Check to make sure the adjustable foot straps are correctly positioned.
  • Make sure your adventure buddy is wearing a helmet!

One of our customers shared, “Using the shotgun seat has been a game-changer! My daughter loves being up front, and we feel connected throughout the ride.”

Strider Bikes

Balance bikes are great for helping kids develop balance and coordination skills before transitioning to pedal bikes. At Owenhouse Cycling, we sell Strider bikes designed to give your child the best start. Parents rave about the confidence these balance bikes for kids instill in their children.

toddler on a strider bike

One mom shared, “My son took his first ride on a pump track with his strider bike, and he couldn’t stop smiling! It’s been amazing to watch his skills grow.” Strider bikes truly rock for young riders!

The Shotgun Tow Rope

Need a good excuse to hit up Red Tractor Pizza tonight? Pull your kiddo up the hill! The Shotgun Tow Rope is a game-changing product for families who love to tackle challenging trails together.

kid on a bike being pulled by a tow rope
parent pulling their kid on a bike with a tow rope

This easy-to-use rope attaches between your bike and your child’s, allowing you to help them up steep hills and long distances. It’s designed with safety in mind, featuring a bungee-style elastic that ensures a smooth and controlled tow.

Kids’ Bikes: The Giant Talon, Giant Animator & Rocky Mountain Reaper

The Rocky Mountain Reaper is the perfect bike for junior shredders ready to take on more advanced trails. This full-suspension bike is built for young riders who are serious about mountain biking.

rocky mountain reaper kids bike
rocky mountain vertex jr kids bike

We also rent these awesome bikes, making it easy for your kids to try them out. Also from Rocky Mountain is the Vertex Jr., a hardtail that’s perfect for riders looking to experience beginner and intermediate trails.

giant animator kids bike
Giant STP kids bike
Giant Talon Disc kids bike

For those looking for a great kids’ bike at a slightly lower price point, the Giant STP and the Giant Talon Disc are fantastic options. And for the smallest riders, we carry the Giant Animator, which is perfect for getting them started on their biking journey. Whether renting or buying, we have the perfect bike for every young adventurer at Owenhouse Cycling.


Unforgettable Bike Adventures with Your Kids

Now that you’ve got the gear, how about a family ride downtown? Visit the Museum of the Rockies, enjoy some ice cream, and head back all by trail. Sounds like a nice little Saturday!

We hope this guide has inspired you to tackle new biking adventures with your kids. Our team is here to provide personalized advice and top-notch products to ensure your family rides are safe, fun, and unforgettable.

group of kids biking on a trail in Bozeman, Montana

We’re also proud to support local initiatives like Bozeman Youth Cycling. This fantastic nonprofit program helps kids develop their bike skills, confidence, and a lifelong passion for cycling. Emphasizing mountain bike skills, trail etiquette, teamwork, and camaraderie, Bozeman Youth Cycling aims to cultivate a love of cycling, provide safe bike handling skills, and grow self-confidence through physical activity. They offer various programs and events throughout the summer for riders of all abilities.

For more information, visit bozemanyouthcycling.org. There, you can learn about upcoming events, ways to get involved, and opportunities for donation.

Visit our store today and let us help you gear up for your next family biking adventure. Happy riding!

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