Owenhouse Cycling in Bozeman, MT

Whether you want to ride on or off-road, catch some air or just go really fast, and whether you’re young or just young at heart, Owenhouse Cycling has a bike for you. We believe there’s a bike for everyone and would be happy to help you find your next perfect ride!

We feel lucky to live in Bozeman, Montana, and have access to world-class mountain bike trails and picturesque road and gravel riding. Whether you’re a local looking for a new rig or visiting Bozeman and looking for riding recommendations, we’ve got you covered at Owenhouse Cycling!

We Have Bikes For Everyone At Every Skill Level

We pride ourselves on having bikes for all levels of skill, interest, and price ranges. Whatever kind of riding you prefer, our bike shop in Bozeman, MT has you covered! We have affordable commuter bikes, bikes for cruising around town, high-performance gravel bikes, fat bikes for the wintertime, Electric bikes that are on-road and more comfort-oriented, as well as electric bikes that are full suspension mountain bikes. Looking to upgrade your current mountain bike? Deciding whether you want a cross-country mountain bike, a trail bike, or an enduro bike depends on a few factors. If speed and pedaling are important to you and your daily trails aren’t that technical, then a cross-country bike is the way to go. If you are looking for a bike that pedals uphill efficiently and can handle just about anything on the way down, a trail bike is your answer. And finally, if you like to go big on the descents and you need a bike with a longer wheelbase, a higher bottom bracket, and more travel, an enduro bike is for you! When deciding what your next mountain bike will be it’s important to first think about which features are the most important to you. If keeping up with your buddies that ride cross-country bikes on long climbs is number one, don’t choose an enduro bike. If feeling confident ripping down chunky descents is your number one priority, test out an enduro bike!

Montana Offers Way More Than Just Mountain Biking!

The folks in our Bozeman, Montana bike shop love mountain biking but that’s not the only kind of riding they like! We’re equally happy on a sunset gravel ride after work, exploring Montana’s endless roads, or a mellow town trail with the family to grab donuts on a Sunday morning. Bozeman has a number of community cycling groups that ride for fun and fitness as well as more competitive groups that race! If you’re looking to meet new people and explore all Bozeman has to offer, be sure to check out our community resources page to learn more.

Whether you’re visiting Bozeman, MT for the first time or you’re a long-time local, when you search “bike shop near me” you’re sure to discover Owenhouse Cycling. We’ve been a part of the Owenhouse family of stores in downtown Bozeman since 1879.

We sell bicycles and all related accessories year-round. We carry quality, serviceable products with an emphasis on the ability to repair the major items and we service what we sell. Our full-service bike repair shop is dedicated to keeping your bike in tip-top shape. We’d be glad to inspect your bicycle and provide recommendations for repair before our mechanics get started. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just thinking about getting your first bike, we’re here to help so please don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our goal is to get you on the best bike for you!

Bikes We Sell & Rent

High-Performance Full Suspension Mountain Bikes in Bozeman, MT

At Owenhouse Cycling you can be sure you’ll find mountain bikes worthy of all Montana has to offer. Stop in today to see our mountain bike selection for the whole family. If we don’t currently have your dream bike in stock, don’t worry! We can order it. Take advantage of our expert staff to help you determine which style full suspension mountain bike is the best for you.

  • Cross Country mountain bikes
  • Trail mountain bikes
  • Enduro mountain bikes
  • Downhill mountain bikes

We also have a sizeable fleet of current model year rental bikes for anyone looking to test ride the latest and greatest in Bozeman, MT. Bike rental is a great way to try out a new model before you buy.

Rocky Mountain Bike

Fat Bikes in Bozeman, MT

Don’t let the snow stop you from riding; hop on a fat tire bike and get after it! These fun and versatile bikes from Rocky Mountain Bikes will keep you riding year-round. Not ready to buy? During the winter months, you can rent fat bikes through our mountain bike rental program! Rent one today from our bicycle store and see what the fun is all about!

rocky mountain fat bikes at owenhouse cycling

BMX Bikes in Bozeman, MT

Whether you plan on racing, doing laps around the pump track for fun, or jumping off anything that allows you to catch some air, we have the right BMX bike for you. You’re never too old to get started or rekindle your childhood BMX love! Need gear? We’ll get you suited up. Browse our selection of BMX bikes, protective gear, parts, and more.

BMX Bike

E-Bikes in Bozeman, MT

Merging man and machine has never been so fun. These hybrid bikes combine your pedal power with a built-in power-assist punch that not only gets you to your destination faster but makes the journey that much more enjoyable. And don’t let your preferred type of riding limit you, E-bikes are available for on or off-road riding.

Interesting in trying an E-bike? Come see what’s available through our electric bike rental program and learn what the hype is all about! You’ll quickly understand why people say it’s “the most fun they’ve ever had on a bike!”

Couple Standing Beside Giant Ebikes

Commuter & Cruiser Bikes in Bozeman, MT

Not everyone rides off-road. Sometimes all you need is to get around town and we have a number of bikes perfect for the commuter or around-town rider. There are even foldable bikes available for those with limited storage space.

Have friends coming into town and looking for an easy way to get around? See what models are available through our bike rental in Bozeman, MT program. They’ll love seeing our great city up close on a bike!

Red Beach Cruiser Bike

Youth Bikes in Bozeman, MT

Riding a bike knows (almost) no age limit. Owenhouse Cycling carries bikes for children of all ages and abilities. Starting with kick bikes, trikes, and training wheels, your child can move up to more serious youth BMX, road, or mountain bikes when they’re ready. For all you know, you could be raising the next Enduro World Series or Tour de France champion. Visit us today to learn more about what models are available through our bike rental program.

Bow Riding Kids Bike with Training Wheels