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Ibis mountain bikes are the top choice for riders in Bozeman for two key reasons. First, Bozeman’s mountain landscape includes steep climbs, and Ibis bikes help local riders confidently tackle these challenges. Second, Bozeman has a strong community of cross-country cyclists, and Ibis’ agile bikes allow riders to cover more ground quickly. Perfect for our active race season.

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Why Choose Ibis?

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Great Warranty

Ibis gives their loyal customers peace of mind when it comes to potential defects with their frames, wheels, handlebars, and rims. And, as of this year, a lifetime warranty. They offer a life­time war­ran­ty against man­u­fac­tur­ing defects on all rims, wheels, and frames pur­chased on or after Jan­u­ary 1, 2023. Register your Ibis bike to activate it’s lifetime warranty.

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Ibis Rims & Handlebars

Ibis bikes take pride in their in-house manufacturing of handlebars and rims. This hands-on approach ensures that every component is crafted to their exact specifications, resulting in superior quality and performance. By controlling the production process, Ibis maintains a high standard of excellence and delivers products that meet the unique demands of riders.

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DW Links & Ibis Frames

The combination of DW links and Ibis’ agile frames sets Ibis bikes apart, making them exceptionally proficient at conquering climbs. This synergy between their frame design and suspension system results in bikes that excel in uphill performance, providing riders with a distinct advantage when tackling challenging ascents.

Building Bikes Since 1981

Over 40 Years of Engi­neer­ing Bikes

What sets Ibis bikes apart is their remarkable climbing prowess, their dependable warranty coverage for both frames and wheels and their commitment to innovation. The synergy of WD-link suspension and Ibis geometry produces bikes that ascend with unmatched agility, without compromising on the descent experience, allowing riders to savor the rewards of their efforts fully.

One of the Owenhouse Cycling team’s favorite models is the Exie USA. With Bozeman’s thriving cross-country community, Exie USA stands above the rest thanks to its specificity, precision engineering and U.S. manufacturing.

Ibis Bikes for Sale

View a selection of our Ibis mountain bikes below! Visit us for our full inventory!


All of our online products are available for purchase


All of our online products are available for purchase


All of our online products are available for purchase

IBIS 23 Exie

All of our online products are available for purchase


All of our online products are available for purchase


All of our online products are available for purchase

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Whether you are looking to ride on or off-road, catch some air, or go really fast, Owenhouse Cycling has the Ibis bike for you! When you’re looking for a guide to help you decide on the best bike for the riding you’re looking to do, look no further than our knowledgeable team at Owenhouse Cycling. We are proud to stock Ibis models like the DV9, Exie, Ripley, Ripley AF, Ripmo, Ripmo AF. Stop by the shop or call today to find the right Ibis for you!

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What Our Riders Say

The Ibis Exie is my favorite ride. I am confident descending but feel light and quick when putting the power down. It’s my go-to when training or racing XC.


The Ripmo is a sweet bike! It pedals great and always puts a smile on my face when I point it downhill. It’s a great bike for steep technical riding and long days at the bike park.


As a dedicated cross-country racer I want a bike that can help me reach my full potential. The DV9 is the lightest bike I have had to date, and I’m impressed with just how great it performs. There’s no way around it: a high-quality bike makes for a funner, faster ride.