Bike Accessories in Bozeman, MT

All riders, beginners to seasoned veterans, can always improve on their riding experience with the addition of a few key accessories. Lights, a good lock, and a tire pump are some of the essentials but there’s so much more you can add (or replace) on any bike to enhance your next ride. And if you don’t see quite what you’re looking for ask us about Special Ordering from any of our dealers.



How your bike rides has a lot to do with what tires you’re using. Having more or less tread will determine the entire feel of your ride so make sure you have the best possible tires for you. We carry everything from kids tires to fat tires; road racing tires to downhill competition tires.

Save on your next set of tires; anytime, all the time: Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off!*

*excludes studded, 27.5 Plus, 29 Plus, and fat tires.



Helmets & Protective Gear

Everyone has a story, or knows someone who has a story, of a pretty gnarly wreck. That’s why we carry a full line of protective gear for your head, arms, legs, and core. Come see our huge selection of helmets for the whole family; including models utilizing MIPS technology and full-face helmets for the more adventurous riders. We want you to have a good time when you’re out riding, but we also want you to survive it.






At Owenhouse, we know that being comfortable during a ride is about more than just the bike. Come shop our line of men’s and women’s apparel; we’ll get you outfitted from the ground up.



For an activity that keeps your feet off the ground, it’s still important to make sure your shoes fit like a dream. Whether your prefer to ride clipless or platforms, you’re sure to find something at Owenhouse Cycling. 


Bike Accessories

Looking for a basket or bike bag to carry groceries? Is your bike lacking fenders? Do you need some tools for roadside maintenance? Are you in the market for new handlebars, pedals, or grips? Tired of your old bike saddle? Come see all the options and find what works for you.

Bike saddles, pedals, and tool bags are available through our Rental Program at little or no cost.



If you’re training, or just take your riding a little more seriously, integrating some onboard technology is an excellent idea. Not only have bikes become more advanced over the years, so have the electronics you can attach to them. You can get directions, track your ride time and distance, monitor your heart rate, or determine how much power you’re putting into each pedal stroke.


Bike Racks


We hate to be the ones to say it but sometimes you need to get off your bike and drive. So make sure you have a dependable rack to take your bike along for the ride. We stock hitch-mount racks, trunk/hatchback-mount racks, and tailgate pads. Not quite ready to buy? Bike racks and tailgate pads are available through our rental program.