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For years, Owenhouse Cycling has been a cornerstone of the Bozeman cycling community, providing local cyclists with top brands and friendly service. We stock our favorite products including a selection of leading brands such as Troy Lee Designs, FOX, Skratch Labs, and more! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner exploring the local Bozeman trails, we welcome you to discover the best in cycling gear and apparel! Visit us today!

Troy Lee Designs

Helmets, Knee & Elbow Pads, Gloves, Apparel

We sell a wide range of Troy Lee Designs cycling products because we love their top-notch quality and performance! At Owenhouse Cycling, you can find Troy Lee helmets, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and apparel. Two of our team’s favorite products, the Shuttle Jacket and Air Glove, sure to sweeten your cycling experience.

The Troy Lee Designs Shuttle Jacket will keep you warm enough for the start of your ride & then packs down small for when you get warmed up! Plus, there’s a rear pocket for snacks, tools AND big vents to regulate body temp! The Air Gloves are well-tested and provide expert functionality. Pro Tip: The Troy Lee Designs Air Glove will relax after several rides. When shopping for the right fit, select a smaller size. If you have any questions about sizing, our experienced team members can help you find the perfect fit!

owenhouse cycling team member in troy lee designs shuttle jacket giving thumbs up


Bells for Your Bike

Be the leader in trail etiquette with Spurcycle’s premier line of bicycle bells. At Owenhouse Cycling, we carry the Original Bell and the compact yet powerful M2 Compact Bell.

Distinguished by their exceptional tone, featherlight design, and minimalistic aesthetic, Spurcycle bells are unmatched in quality and functionality. Suited for single-track mountain bikers, dedicated commuters, and any rider looking to notify other trail users while saving weight. These bells are not just accessories but essential tools for navigating trails with grace and courtesy.

spurcycle bicycle bell on a road bike


Premier Mountain Bike Apparel

When it comes to mountain bike clothing and gear, Patagonia has a range of thoughtfully designed options for men and women that combine style with performance.

It’s time to think beyond flannel and fleece when it comes to Patagonia (although we do love their flannel and fleece!). Their collection of mountain bike apparel lives up to the hype of the gear you’re already familiar with. And, thanks to their commitment to quality, sustainability, and performance, you feel good about where your dollars are going. Learn more about our favorite Patagonia products!

female employee wearing a Patagonia full zip R1 jacket


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Brands That We Carry For Gear


Apparel, Goggles, Parts

Owenhouse Cycling is the main supplier in Bozeman for all your favorite FOX products. Whether you need high-performance bike apparel, gloves, goggles, or any other FOX gear, we’ve got you covered.

FOX Main Goggles are high-quality mountain bike goggles at a great price. We love them for their wide viewport, exceptional comfort, and VLS compatibility. In Bozeman, long-sleeved jerseys go a long way. They help keep your skin safe from sun and crashes and look super stylish on and off the bike.

With our convenient location and friendly staff, shopping for your cycling needs has never been easier. Swing by and gear up with the best from FOX at Owenhouse Cycling!

fox helmet and fox shirt worn by team member

Skratch Labs

Sports Nutrition

What sets Skratch Labs apart is its commitment to using real ingredients. Unlike many traditional sports drinks and supplements, Skratch Labs products don’t contain artificial additives or chemicals. Their products, ranging from hydration mixes to energy chews, are formulated to provide you with the necessary electrolytes, carbohydrates, and hydration without causing gastrointestinal distress.

At Owenhouse Cycling, we don’t just sell Skratch Labs—we are proud customers! We love their Hydration Sport mix (try the Fruit Punch!) and Recovery Sport Mix (try Horchata!). Skratch Labs has carved a niche in the sports nutrition market by prioritizing simplicity, effectiveness, and natural ingredients, making it a trusted choice for those of us seeking optimal performance without compromising on quality or health.

skratch hydration products

Topo Designs

Colorful Bags & Packs

From backpacks and duffels to apparel and accessories, each Topo Designs product is crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail. At Owenhouse Cycling, we carry Topo Design’s bike bag, bike bag mini, mountain quick pack and mini hip pack. This brand is great for bike packers, gravel riders, mountain bikers and Bozeman commuters!

Founded in Colorado in 2008, Topo Designs draws inspiration from the rugged landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, reflected in their durable, versatile, and adventure-ready gear. With a commitment to sustainability, inclusivity and utility, Topo Designs celebrates the spirit of adventure while promoting responsible stewardship of the natural world.

Topo-designs-bag. Blue and green with front zipper.