Bike Rentals at Owenhouse Cycling


But here are some of the highlights:

  • All bikes are offered at 24 hr intervals. We do not offer hourly rentals.
  • Return our rentals on time.  We need time to get the bikes all cleaned up and working great for the next customer. Late fees will be applied if you show up after your scheduled return time.
  • Rentals are not allowed at lift-operated bike parks, such as the Big Sky Resort. Chances are someone from the shop will also be up there riding. If we see you up there with an Owenhouse rental bike, your rental cost doubles.
  • Don’t ride excessively muddy trails. We are lucky to have some great organizations that maintain our local trails, but please respect their work by avoiding trail damage. Mud is also responsible for excessive wear and tear on bikes. We charge a $20 cleaning fee for bikes we deem exceptionally dirty.
  • You are responsible for damages. Bikes are thoroughly inspected upon checkout and return. We expect regular wear and tear, but you are financially responsible for replacing damaged parts, like bent brake levers or popped tires.