What to Do in Bozeman: Where to Ride, Eat, & Sleep

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Is the car packed, the seats buckled, and the stoke high? Woohoo! Road trip to Bozeman! If you still have some planning to do and are wondering what to do in Bozeman, this guide is your ticket to experiencing our favorite town like a local. From epic rides to mouthwatering eats, Bozeman has it all. Drop in and discover why we think Bozeman is the ultimate adventure playground!

landscape photo of scenery off Truman Gulch trail. Mountain biker riding the trail in the shadows.

Welcome to Bozeman, MT

We’re so glad you’re here! Some of us were born here, some came here for college, and the rest of us followed our adult wanderlust to big skies and year-round adventure. We love this town and love sharing our local tips!

If you’re here to explore bike trails, soak in the mountain town vibes, and grab a cold one on the patio, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into the essentials for an unforgettable Bozeman experience!

Where to Ride

Bozeman offers a diverse playground for riders of all levels. Whether you’re a downhill shredder, a gravel grinder, or a townie, these trails will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Be sure to stop by the shop for more riding intel! We have plenty of maps and personal stories to go along with them.

Truman Gulch

Picture this—singletrack winding through lush forests and jaw-dropping vistas of the Gallatin Valley. Truman Gulch is a must-hit trail, offering a mix of flowy sections and technical challenges that’ll get your adrenaline pumping. We love this trail so much that we wrote a whole blog on it! Head over to hear first-hand accounts from our team!

Truman Gulch trail in Bozeman, Montana with a mountain biker surrounded by wildflowers.
Truman Gulch trail in Bozeman, Montana with a mountain biker.
Owenhouse Cycling team member, Robert standing in front of a mountain on Truman Gulch trail.

Peets Hill

Need a quick ride with killer views? Head to Peets Hill, a local favorite for its accessible trails and panoramic overlooks of Bozeman and the Bridger Mountains. Pro tip: Hit this trail up at sunset! For more tips, check out our Trail Talk on Peets Hill.

mountain bike riders in Bozeman
mountain biker in the shade at peets hill in bozeman
two riders on mountain bikes at peets hill in Bozeman, montana

Bonus Team Recommendation: Mystic Lake

Still looking for more to do in Bozeman and feeling adventurous? Take on Mystic Lake—a bucket-list ride that rewards you with stunning alpine scenery and crystal-clear waters. It’s a bit of a trek, but trust us, it’s worth it. Be sure to pack plenty of fluids and snacks for this all-day adventure. Check out the map for more information.

Have the family with you? There’s an easier route! The climb is more gradual, and the terrain is smooth and forgiving.

What to Eat: Local Favorites

Who’s hungry?! Time to fuel up! When we asked the team for their recommendations, it stirred up some serious debate. Lots of hot opinions about the best places to eat in Bozeman! If you visit one of these local haunts, be sure to let us know what you ordered! We love a good food session.

When You’re Craving Pizza: Red Tractor Pizza

Their wood-fired pies are legendary—fresh ingredients, inventive toppings, and a chill atmosphere. Grab a slice (or a whole pie; we won’t judge) and relive your rides over some seriously good pizza.

When You’re Craving a Burger: Cholms Burger

Sometimes, you just need a fast, no-nonsense burger. Cholms Burger is a local Bozeman Food Truck that has you covered. Pair your burger with a side of potato fries for the ultimate satisfaction.

pizza on the table with friends raising their glasses in a toast
cholms burger food truck in bozeman. bright yellow truck with a red menu on the side

When You Want a Cold One: Mountains Walking

Treat yourself to a cold one at Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub. Their craft beers are next-level, with unique flavors and styles that hit the spot after a day of adventure. Grab a seat on the outdoor patio, soak in the mountain views, and toast to a day well spent.

Dog-Friendly Patios: Shine

After you bring your pup by Owenhouse Cycling to get loved on, head over to Shine Beer Sanctuary for some patio time! Shine welcomes dogs on their patio, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a meal together. Order up some tasty bites, sip on a local brew, and let your pup get all the pets.

two employees from Mountains Walking Brewery raising their beers in a toast
outside shot of Shine Beer. people are standing around outside enjoying the bright blue sky

Where to Stay: Camping & Glamping in Bozeman

Looking for a place to stay? Embrace the big sky of Montana with camping or glamping options near Bozeman. Wake up to mountain views and crisp alpine air—it’s the ultimate way to recharge for another day of adventure.

overview aerial shot of downtown bozeman montana

If you crave solitude, there are loads of dispersed camping spots in Gallatin National Forest! Set up camp among the trees and enjoy the quiet that only Montana has to offer!

Hot baths and evening movies more your style? Don’t worry! Bozeman has a lot to offer. From cozy cabins and upscale Airbnb, you can definitely find a place to suit your needs!

A few of our favorites:

Gear Up for Your Trip at Owenhouse Cycling

owenhouse cycling shop floor with mountain bikes displayed

Before you hit the trails, gear up at Owenhouse Cycling! We’ve got everything you need for an epic adventure—rental mountain bikes (reserve yours online!), trail-ready accessories, and local advice. Whether you’re into flowy rides, scenic vistas, or simply soaking in the mountain vibes, Bozeman delivers the goods. Get out there and make some unforgettable memories—see you on the trails!

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