Trail Talk: The Team Reviews Peets Hill at Burke Park

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Welcome to our new series! Trail Talk with the Owenhouse Cycling Team! In this blog series, we will bring you insights and firsthand experiences from the trails we’ve explored.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started, this series will provide valuable information and inspiration for your next biking adventure. We’ll dive into local trail descriptions, explain difficulty levels for each trail, and read reviews from our team members. We’ll also share memorable stories and encounters that make each trail unique. So, join us as we embark on this new series highlighting Bozeman area trails! First up the trail closest to home, Peets Hill at Burke Park.

Trail Overview: Peets Hill at Burke Park

  • Distance: 1 mile
  • Elevation: 102ft
  • Distance from Owenhouse Cycling: Half a mile.
  • Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Trail Running
  • Trail Type: Gravel Path
  • Direction: Both Directions
  • Family Friendly: Yes
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • eBike Allowed: No

Peets Hill is an in-town trail about a half mile from Owenhouse Cycling. It is great for short spins around town and has great views of Bozeman, especially at sunset! The trail itself is a wide gravel surface with a very gentle gradient. There are no technical features making it great for families or somebody looking for an easy spin close to town.

two riders on mountain bikes at peets hill in Bozeman, montana
mountain biker in the shade at peets hill in bozeman
mountain bike riders in Bozeman

Beyond riding, Burke Park, the centerpiece of the Main Street to Mountains system, is a beloved destination for all types of Bozeman outdoor enthusiasts. It attracts countless visitors daily, offering opportunities for running, hiking, off-leash dog activities, and stunning views of Bozeman. Originally planned for residential development in 1892, the park’s preservation as open space is a testament to the diligent efforts of Gallatin Valley Land Trust, collaborating with landowners, the city of Bozeman, and generous donors.

Trailhead Map:

peets hill trail map

You can access Peets Hill from the parking lot just off Church St. Additionally, there is a second public parking lot on Josephine Dr.

The question everyone wants to know…, is there a bathroom? Yes! Public restrooms are located at the parking lot on Josephine Dr.

Be sure to head up just before sunset. Benches are along the trail to take in the setting sun each night.

Note: Dogs are allowed off-leash here, so bring your pup!

trail head map of peets hill at burke park in bozeman, montana
peets hill at burke park parking lot

Difficulty Level:

Peets Hill is rated an Easy/Green Trail. Its wide gravel surface makes it perfect for various outdoor activities, and even though “hill” is in the name, it’s a very gentle gradient. Plus, as we mentioned before, there are no technical features. Perfect for families and date nights.

Team Member Reviews: Peets Hill

The Owenhouse team rated this trail out of 1-5 based on how enjoyable the ride is, with 5 being very enjoyable! It’s safe to say that we’ve all enjoyed our fair share of sunset rides & hikes on Peets Hill!

  • Tom: 3
  • Eric Z: 2
  • Anna: 3
  • Tristan: 5
  • Joey: 4
  • Seb: 3.5
  • Robert: 5
  • Isabel: 2
2 mountain riders at Burke Hill in Bozeman

Gear and Equipment Recommendations:

Team Member Name: Luuk
Team Member Bike: A hardtail mountain bike is perfect for Peets Hill!

As always, be sure to wear a helmet and sunglasses. Even though it’s a short trail, we recommend carrying water and snacks for the ultimate sunset viewing enjoyment!

Trail Talk with the Owenhouse Cycling Team

This trail might not be the heart-pounding thrill ride the team often looks for, but it’s a chance to relax, enjoy nature, and hang with your buddies. It’s about the simple pleasures of being on your bike, enjoying your town, feeling the wind on your face, and letting the good vibes flow. Keep it chill and enjoy the ride!

It’s also the perfect place for us to grab product photos for the shop. Be sure to keep your eyes on our social accounts. Let us know when you spot the Peets Hill photos!

riders in Bozeman

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Peets Hill’s gentle 1-mile gravel path allows riders of all ability levels to embrace the beauty of nature without the need for extreme technical skills. We invite you to grab your bike, hit the trail, and create your own stories. It’s a great way to get the big-picture view of Bozeman while taking in one of our incredible sunsets! Plus, you’ll often see our Owenhouse Cycling team members testing new products and taking pictures. Be sure to wave and say hi!

Did you enjoy this trail review? You can expect more of these in the future! We had a blast chatting with the team, asking for reviews and stories!

Let’s connect! Drop us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram with suggestions for the next trail you’d like us to review. Keep ridin’ and keep those good vibes rollin’!

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