Owenhouse Bike Guide: Bikes For The Whole Family

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If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous way to spend time with your family, consider hopping on a bike. Bicycles can take you on all sorts of adventures, from exploring the Gallagator Trail to all-day mountain biking adventures at Copper City. There is no shortage of bike-related activities for the entire family to enjoy in Bozeman, Montana. Not sure what bike is right for your needs? Check out our guide to the best bikes for the whole family. We’ll help you choose the perfect ride for your needs and budget. So get geared up and get ready to have some family fun!

Bikes for Dad

The right bike for Dad can depend on many factors. One of the most important factors is deciding what kind of riding you plan to do. Knowing that will help in selecting the right bike. Luckily, Owenhouse Cycling has several types of bikes available to meet the various styles of biking in Bozeman.

Bikes For Dads That Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is big in Bozeman! For dads looking for an easy-going entry-level mountain bike that is reliable and affordable, we recommend a hardtail mountain bike like the Fathom by Giant Bicycles. A hardtail like this will be ready to take on mixed gravel roads, and flowing singletrack found throughout Bozeman.

If you’re looking to progress your skills to more technical trails that include features like roots, rocks, and drops, we suggest moving up to full-suspension bikes like the Tallboy by Santa Cruz Bicycles or the Ripmo by Ibis Cycles. These longer-travel mountain bikes are comfortable descending on rough terrain and offer a higher level of comfort.

Hybrid Bikes for Easy Days Enjoying The Green Space

If you’re looking for a relaxing day out with the family to enjoy Bozeman’s amazing green spaces, a hybrid bike could be the right choice. Hybrid bikes offer the added comfort of a front shock to soften the jar from slight bumps and rocks while also rolling well on smooth surfaces like roads and paved paths. We like the Roam by Giant Bicycles. The Roam features a front shock, disc brakes, shifting gears, and 700C wheels that make for easy pedaling!

All-Road Adventures With A Gravel Bike

Looking for a bike that you can ride to the adventure and then keep going? A gravel bike might be right for you! Gravel bikes offer the pedaling efficiency of a road bike but utilize features like slacker geometry and bigger tires to allow for riding on bumpy surfaces like gravel roads. Because gravel bikes are so versatile, they are the right tool for everything from work commuting to adventure rides on forest roads. If you’re looking for a do-it-all gravel bike, we recommend the Revolt by Giant Bicycles or the Áspero by Cervélo.

Bikes for Mom

Gone are the days when moms were forced to either ride a men’s bike or select a cruiser with a cut-out top tube for riding with dresses and skirts! Today, moms have many options for riding bikes of all styles and functions! At Owenhouse Cycling, we have the right bike to meet the unique needs of your family adventure.

Bikes For Moms That Mountain Bike

We are proud to offer mountain bikes from Liv Cycling and Juliana. Each brand creates top-quality mountain bikes specifically made for women. If you are looking for an entry-level mountain bike that can conquer bumpy roads and endless Bozeman single track, we recommend a hardtail like the Tempt by Liv Cycling. Suppose you are ready for technical trails like Truman Gulch or South Cottonwood Creek that offer intermediate features like drops, rocks, and steep descents. In that case, we recommend a full-suspension bike like the Furtado by Juliana Bikes or the Pique by Liv Cycling.

Bikes For Bike Paths or Leasure Family Rides

Are you looking for a bike that will provide smooth transportation and enough support to soften the natural bumps of mixed road surfaces? Then a hybrid bike is right for you. Hybrid bikes are great for family trips to the park, laps on the Gallagator Trail, and even commuting to work. We recommend the Rove by Liv Cycles. This smooth hybrid bike comes with a front shock, disc brakes, and gears to conquer every hill.

Gravel Bikes For All-Day Adventures

Gravel bikes are perfect for exploring the vast forest service and double track that Bozeman has to offer. Gravel bikes are growing in popularity as they capture the pedaling efficiency of a road bike while allowing for biking on bumpier roads. If you are looking for a gravel bike to take on paved trails or rocky forest roads, we recommend the Devote by Liv Cycles.

Bikes for Teenagers

Choosing the right bike for teenagers can be challenging. It is important to consider factors like the desired use, budget, and riding progression. Luckily, we offer several different styles of bikes to meet every preference.

Bikes For Teens Who Mountain Bike

The Mountain bike is our most popular style for teens, and they are extremely versatile. Mountain bikes are great for commuting to school and around town, as well as activities like riding trails and jumps. We have plenty of bike options for teens that range from entry-level hardtails to advanced full-suspension bikes.

When considering entry-level mountain bikes, we like the Talon by Giant Bicycles for boys and the Tempt by Liv Cycles for girls. These hardtail mountain bikes offer standard features like,

  • Disc Brakes for reliable stopping power
  • A front shock to dampen rough features in the trail
  • Precision shifting for climbing up hills
  • Light aluminum frame

As teens progress to more challenging trails and features, we suggest considering a more capable full-suspension bike. Most full-suspension mountain bikes are available in sizes for teens. We like the Element by Rocky Mountain Bikes. This capable XC bike offers a happy medium between pedaling efficiency and downhill performance and is great for middle and high school cross-country racing through NICA.

Need Help Finding The Right Teen Bike?

We know that finding the right bike for teens can sometimes be a challenging process. Know that we are here to help navigate the sometimes confusing options, models, and available categories. Don’t hesitate to stop by Owenhouse Cycling anytime to discuss the right bike for your teen. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience it takes to ensure the right selection.

Bikes for young children

Riding a bike as a child can create some of the greatest lifelong memories. As children develop, their biking requirements will change. Like with clothes and shoes, it can feel like they are always growing out of their bike. Luckily, at Owenhouse Cycling, we have a lot of experience when it comes to dialing in the right bikes for children of all ages.

Bikes Before They Can Ride A Bike

What better way to introduce the fun of riding a bike than by riding along with your parent? The Shotgun Child Bike Seat is a unique seat that mounts to your bike’s top tube. It’s amazing how well it works! With the Shotgun Child Bike Seat, you can ride securely with your child between you and the handlebars. When riding, children can either hold on to the center of your handlebars, or you can opt for the additional mini mounted handlebars.

The next step before a standard bike would be the Strider Bike. Strider Bikes are balance bikes that come without pedals. These push-bikes glide around using foot-pushing power. The Strider Bike is an awesome introduction to balancing a bike and is extremely fun!

Bikes Ranging from 20″ to 26″

Once children have moved on from using the Shotgun Child Bike Seat and Strider Bike, they are ready for two-wheeled pedal-powered bikes! We have a vast selection of 20″, 24″, and 26″ bikes. Stop by Owenhouse Cycling today for assistance in selecting the right bike for your child.

Are There Advanced Child Mountain Bikes?

You might be surprised to find that there are, in fact, advanced full-suspension mountain bikes for young shredders! We are excited to offer the Rocky Mountain Reaper. This full-suspension mountain bike is for future trail shredding enthusiasts! The Reaper is available with 24″, 26″, and 27.5″ wheel sizes. Stop by Owenhouse Cycling to check out these amazing trail shredding bikes.

Your Resource For Family Biking Adventures!

There are endless options when it comes to bikes designed for the entire family. While it can seem confusing with so many categories and selections, know that Owenhouse Cycling is here to help! We love bikes and sharing our passion for them. Stop by Owenhouse Cycling today to find the right bikes for you and your family.

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