Mountain Bike Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain Gear

Rocky Mountain Bikes History

Rocky Mountain has been making mountain bikes since 1981. From kids to pros, Rocky Mountain builds bikes for riders of every ability to contribute to the growth and progression of the cycling industry. Rocky Mountain builds bikes that help riders “Love the Ride.” They are based out of the North Shore of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Rocky Mountain Bikes and Owenhouse Cycling

Owenhouse Cycling has been selling bikes since the late 1800s, and Rocky Mountain Bikes has been building and selling bikes since the early 80s. No matter how you slice it, that’s almost 200 years of combined bike experience! Although their company was born and developed in Canada and we sell bikes in the United States, we share one giant mountain range in common. It only makes sense that we would carry Rocky Mountain Bikes to play on Bozeman’s trails in the Rocky Mountains.

Whether you love to shred on the winter snow, flow on singletrack in the summer, or hit the park with your kids, we carry the bike for you. When you’re searching “bike shop near me,” be sure to click on the one that doesn’t just talk the talk. They also walk the walk. Or, in our case, ride the ride! Like us, Rocky Mountain Bikes is devoted to loving the ride. We are proud to support Rocky Mountain Bikes in our bike shop.

Rocky Mountain Gear
photo credit Rocky Mountain Bikes


Rocky Mountain Fat Bikes for Winter Riding in Bozeman, Montana

Here at Owenhouse Cycling, we carry the Rocky Mountain Blizzard fat bike. We rent a full-size run of the Rocky Mountain Blizzard. This bike is commonly ridden on the Narrow Gauge trail system at Crosscut Sports Center or around the famous Hyalite Reservoir. Each winter, the Blizzard is available for sale and is a part of our rental fleet.

Featured Rocky Mountain Bikes

Models of Rocky Mountain bikes that Owenhouse Cycling carries:

Element, Instinct, Altitude, Growler, Slayer, Blizzard, Fusion, Soul, and the Powerplay. We carry the Soul, Vertex, and the Reaper for youth bikes. We have the Rocky Mountain Instinct available for rent in a full-size run each season.

Rocky Mountain Gear
photo credit Rocky Mountain Bikes


Mountain Bikes

The Rocky Mountain bikes that we carry are all mountain bikes. Primarily being high-performance full suspension mountain bikes. Rocky Mountain employees designers, marketers, engineers, athletes, writers, and riders dedicated to making mountain bikes better.

Rocky Mountain Gear
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There are three models of Rocky Mountain E-bikes.

  • Altitude Powerplay- an enduro bike (full suspension)
  • Instinct Powerplay- a trail bike (full suspension)
  • Growler Powerplay- a hardtail trail bike

Rocky Mountain Gear
photo credit Rocky Mountain Bikes


Youth Bikes

  • The Soul Jr.
  • The Vertex Jr.
  • The Reaper


Is Rocky Mountain a good brand? We hear that question a lot! The honest answer is YES! Rocky Mountain Bikes is one of the best mountain bike brands in the industry. We’re proud to sell a wide range of their bikes for novice and advanced riders at Owenhouse Cycling! When you’re searching for the best bike brands, you’ll want to keep in mind a brand with a long history in the industry that has proven to be innovative and is devoted to its craft.

At our bike shop in Bozeman, MT, we not only sell Rocky Mountain Bikes, but we also ride Rocky Mountain bikes! Visit us in the bike shop to chat! We’d love to share our thoughts on which bikes perform the best on our local Bozeman mountain bike trails. We also have a mountain bike rental program and fat bike rental in Bozeman, MT, to help keep you active over the winter! Rent a fat bike during a snowy weekend this winter and see what the buzz is all about!

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