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Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, Kids Bikes & More!


Whether you’re visiting and looking to ride Bozeman’s gorgeous trails or looking to try out a bike before you buy, we have you covered. Our stellar lineup of meticulously maintained bikes will be sure to add to your riding experience.

If you love your rental and decide to buy a bike with us, we will take the cost of up to three of your rental days off the sticker price!

We sell our rental fleet at the end of the year. Ask a team member about getting on our dibs list!

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Why Rent A Bike at Owenhouse Cycling?

Ride year-round with Bozeman’s only full-service bike shop! Owenhouse Cycling has rental bikes for the road, the trail, and the snow – you can try them all! From full-suspension mountain bike rentals to fat bikes and more, we’re your go-to bike shop for bike rentals in Bozeman, MT. We carry performance full-suspension mountain bikes, hardtail mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes, gravel bikes, e-gravel bikes, road bikes, townie bikes, e-townie bikes, and kids bikes! Find a bike everyone in the family can enjoy on Bozeman’s paved trails or famous single-track.

Mountain bike rental in Bozeman, MT can be fast & easy with Owenhouse Cycling! Just a few things to note due to Montana’s varying weather conditions: online rentals are only available during certain parts of the year. A few times a year, we have scheduled downtime when we do a deep cleaning of the bikes and in some cases swap out old models for new ones. We try to schedule these windows to coincide with the muddiest times of the year, which helps to keep our trails smooth. These times will be reflected through our bike rental booking site as dates that cannot be selected. If you still wish to rent a bike during those times, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly!

Bike Rentals Not For Use At Lift Service Bike Parks

Due to the amount of wear and tear our rental bikes have received when being loaded onto and off of lifts and the severity of the extreme downhill trails at the resorts, our rental bikes are not to be used in lift-access areas. This includes Big Sky Resort and Discovery Resort. If you wish to rent a bike for riding in lift-access areas, please contact the resorts. A fee of double the cost of the rental will be charged if you bring an Owenhouse Cycling rental bike to a lift-service bike park.

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Choosing The Right Mountain Bike For You

Each of the bikes that are available for rent will have different ride characteristics. Some are better climbers, while others are better descenders. The main difference separating these bikes from one another is the suspension travel. A bike with shorter suspension travel will climb better, versus a bike with longer suspension travel being a better descender. It can be helpful to match the travel of the bike to the trail that you are going to ride. Headed for a more technical trail? A longer travel bike would be better suited for this style of riding. Headed out for an all-day epic and putting on a lot of miles? In this situation, riding a shorter travel bike will be more efficient while climbing. In short, when a bike is better at climbing, it will be slower on the descent. Vice versa, when a bike is better at descending, it will be slower on the climb.

We have a full range of bikes that you’ll love to ride in Bozeman! Have questions about what the right bike is for you? Give us a call!

This list starts with bikes that pedal more efficiently, with the better-descending bikes being at the bottom of the list.

Accessories To Rent:

Need an extra helmet or pedals for the day? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re using one of our rental or demo bikes or just looking to upgrade your own mountain bike parts, let us know what you need for your next ride. We carry a wide assortment of accessories for mountain bikes, like helmets, and pedals. Are you traveling somewhere and need to stow your bike and MTB accessories safely? Keep your bike safe in an EVOC travel bag.

Ready to get started? Check out our FAQs for the most common rental questions we get as a bike shop in Bozeman! Ready to rent today and need local trail info? Stop by to learn about some of our employee’s favorite Bozeman mountain bike routes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All bikes are priced per a 24-hour period (Example: 1 PM 4/11 – 1 PM 4/12), where one rental day means 1:00 PM to 1:00 PM the next day. For more information, check out our current available rentals.

We do not offer discounts for longer rentals.

The availability of each bike can be seen on the calendar via our booking site.

Call the shop or stop in! We can get you fitted on the right bike before you rent.

Owenhouse Cycling is proud to offer rental bikes from Rocky Mountain, Santa Cruz, Giant, Liv, Cervello, Gazelle, and Momentum.

Models per brand:

  • Rocky Mountain: Element and Blizard
  • Santa Cruz: Blur, Tallboy, Hightower, Bronson, Skitch, and Heckler SL
  • Juliana: Wilder, Joplin, and Furtado
  • Giant: Fathom, Trance, Revolt, Devote, and Stance E
  • Gazelle: Electric bikes for around town and some gravel riding. These bikes are comfort-oriented more than performance-oriented. C8 Ultimate and T9 City
  • Momentum: Street
  • Cervello: Rouvida

Bozeman, Montana has amazing trails all around us. We’d love to chat with you over the phone or in-person about our favorites.

Rental bikes from Owenhouse Cycling are not allowed at lift service bike parks. You will be charged a fee of double your rental cost if you bring a rental from Owenhouse Cycling to one of these locations.


When you’re searching for a “bike shop near me”, remember Owenhouse Cycling is your one-stop shop for all riders! Our bicycle store caters to roadies and gravel grinders as well as single-track shredders! Everyone on our team rides bikes and loves to chat about the local riding scene. Check out a few of our favorite route suggestions below. For current trail conditions be sure to give us a call! We’ll let you know what the weather has been like lately and what trails we expect to open in time for your next trip to Bozeman! Also be sure to check out our blog for more information including our Top 5 Trails For Beginner Bikers.

Before We Begin Let’s Talk Trail Etiquette

  • Bikers must yield to all other trail users. Step off trail to allow hikers, trail
  • runners, and equestrian users to pass.
  • If you are traveling downhill, yield to bikers traveling uphill.
  • Do not ride muddy trails.
  • Control your speed and be on the lookout for others.
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Looking for some trail recommendations?

Try Trailforks or come swing by the shop for suggestions!


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to our rental department at (406) 587-5404 or