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Giant and its sister brand, Liv, stand out as exceptional bicycle options for the Bozeman area, offering a perfect blend of quality and affordability. At Owenhouse Cycling, we proudly feature Giant and Liv as our most budget-friendly trail bikes. These bicycles embody what Owenhouse values most: the opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to revel in the joy of cycling.

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Why Choose Giant?

giant's maestro suspension technology

Giant’s Maestro Technology

Giant’s Maestro Suspension Technology, established in 2006, stands as a testament to reliability and excellence. Originally top-of-the-line, this brand-specific suspension platform has evolved with Giant’s commitment to innovation, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of cutting-edge bicycle technology.

a young boy riding a giant kids mountain bike on a trail

Affordable Trail Biking

Giant and Liv are our most budget-friendly trail bikes. These bicycles not only represent quality and performance but also embody the core values of Owenhouse—providing everyone with the opportunity to experience the joy of cycling, regardless of their background or expertise.

happy male riding a giant mountain biking on a trail

Giant’s 14-Day Return Guarantee

Setting themselves apart, Giant emphasizes customer satisfaction with a unique 14-day return policy. This commitment ensures that every customer finds the perfect bike for their needs, reflecting Giant’s dedication to delivering a personalized and rewarding cycling experience.

Building Bikes Since 1972

Over 50 Years of Innovation & Success

Throughout the decades, Giant has pushed the boundaries of technology and design. In 1987, they introduced the Compact Road Design, revolutionizing frame geometry and enhancing performance. Giant’s commitment to research and development further manifested in the establishment of the Advanced Composite Technology Center in 1995, solidifying their position as pioneers in the use of carbon fiber.

Over the years, the brand has continued to produce a wide range of bicycles, from road and mountain bikes to innovative e-bikes, consistently earning acclaim for their quality, performance, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of cycling.

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Whether you are looking for a road bike, a kids’ bike, a gravel bike, or a trail bike, Owenhouse Cycling has the Giant bike for you! We proudly stock a wide range of affordable Giant and Liv bikes, including electric versions of the Trance, Stance, Roam, Embolden Tempt, and the cargo-carrying PakYak.

When you’re looking for a guide to help you decide on the best bike for the riding you’re looking to do, look no further than our knowledgeable team at Owenhouse Cycling. Stop by the shop or call today to find the right Giant for you!

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What Our Riders Say

I had a great time riding a Trance E+. It was awesome to take it on one of my favorite trails in town and be able to ride it again and again and again.


The Liv Embolden is the first mountain bike I’ve ever owned. From shoes, pedals, helmet, multitool, pump, chain lube, and SO much more, this isn’t the most accessible sport! But my Liv Embolden gave me a chance to try out this sport and proved that the investment was well worth it.

Owenhouse Customer

As someone who values both adventure and comfort, I can confidently say that the Giant Revolt has exceeded my expectations. It tackles challenging terrain while offering a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience.