Mystic Lake


To find this ride, you need to go to the Bozeman Creek trailhead at the end of Sourdough Road. This is one of the beginner trails in the Bozeman region. It’s 10 miles to the lake and with 1340 feet of elevation gain, it’s a rather moderate climb. Some will turn around at the bridge, which is only 4.7 miles and roughly half the elevation gain. The main trail uses the old Sourdough road that serviced the Mystic lake reservoir when the dam was still in place. 

There is an alternate route single track which starts before the bridge and stays on the east side of the creek all the way to Mystic Lake. This section of trail has been named “The Wall of Death.” Although it’s not as bad as the name suggests; there is a section of trail that traverses a steep side hill and can be unsettling to some riders.

At Mystic Lake, there is a Forest Service Cabin that is available for reservation here.

 Additionally there are several trails that can be ridden from the area surrounding Mystic Lake, including Lick Creek to Hyalite, Bear Lakes and Bear Canyon, as well as the New World Gulch trail. From the bridge, the trail’s halfway point, riders can take the Mosier Creek trail to the Hyalite drainage with an easy connection to Leverich Canyon. Sourdough to Leverich is a nice loop that can be started at either trailhead, though we recommend starting at Leverich and ending the ride with a fun downhill.

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