Nutrition & Supplements in Bozeman, MT

There’s more to a good ride than a well-tuned bike. Making sure you’re also running at your best is where proper nutrition and hydration come into play. There’s plenty that can be done before, during and after your next ride to help your body perform it’s best. Stop in to see all the great (and great tasting) products we have in stock.


Skratch Labs 

Founded by a sports physiologist/cycling coach, Skratch Labs makes training foods and sports drink mixes from simple ingredient and flavored with real fruit. We carry their Fruit Drops, Cookie Mix, and a variety of their powdered drink mixes. Add these products do your everyday routine or utilize the more heavy duty hydration mixes for those long days in the saddle.



Kate’s Real Food

Like the name says, these bars and bites are chock-full of real food. They’ll do the job to keep you powered up next time you spend a long day behind the handlebars or are just craving a great tasting snack.



Hammer Nutrition

The goal at Hammer is to help athletes maintain and improve their energy using honest, science-based nutrition principles. From drink mixes to gels; dissolvables to chewables, you can find a large selection of Hammer products at Owenhouse. All of their products are natural, safe, and proven to work so you can perform your best whether you’re supplementing your regular diet, fueling your next ride, or recovering from it.




These plant-based, gluten-free meal bars and chews taste good, pack easily, and will energize your day. You can’t go wrong with their delicious combinations of fruits, nuts, seeds, and chocolate. We stock the Probar Bites, Bolt energy chews, and Base protein bars.




Honey Stinger

Making nutritious, organic food certainly hasn’t stopped Honey Stinger from making something that tastes like candy. Using organic wildflower honey, this company has come up with some great-tasting products that help fuel top athletes. We carry a variety of their Organic Waffles and Energy Chews.



Clif Bar

After finding he couldn’t stomach another unappetizing energy bar, the founder of Clif Bar decided to make his own and began crafting the recipe in his mother’s kitchen. Inspired by making real, hearty, organic food that was portable, the company has grown into a staple of outdoor adventuring for the whole family. Shop or selection of bars and chews.