Garmin Biking Products in Bozeman, MT

Garmin GPS products are the world’s most popular way to track your ride, discover new routes, find your way home, monitor your performance over time, and stay safe! Performance insights range from monitoring how acclimated you are to heat and altitude to tracking the hang time of your mountain bike jumps. You can count on Garmin products to go the distance!

Bozeman, MT is home to incredible road riding, gravel grinding, and mountain biking. There’s something for everyone including family-friendly rides at Mystic Lake along Sourdough Canyon Trail. For the roadies that love to climb, you won’t want to miss Hyalite Canyon! This classic 20 mile, 2,000-foot climb is a local favorite. Keep track of the Strava segments on your Garmin Edge 830! Cross country mountain bikers will love Bangtail Divide, an IMBA Epic trail with stellar views, ridgeline traverses, and fields of wildflowers. Put the route in your new Garmin Edge 530 and never get lost!


Owenhouse Cycling

Garmin GPS Products

At Owenhouse Cycling in Bozeman, MT we carry four different types of Garmin products ranging from advanced bike computers to an SOS device and rear radar tail light. The two bike computers, the Garmin Edge 530 and the Garmin Edge 830 can be used by roadies, gravel grinders, and mountain bikers! We’ll compare the two devices below so you can make the best choice for your riding needs.

Are you a Bozeman, MT commuter? Stay safe with the Garmin Varia. A rearview radar with a tail light that alerts you of vehicles approaching from behind. If you’re someone that often finds yourself riding in Montana’s wide-open spaces with no cell service, you should consider the Garmin inReach Mini. Send and receive messages, track and share your route, and if needed, trigger SOS to get help from a 24/7 global emergency response coordination center.


Owenhouse Cycling in Bozeman Montana Has It All!

When you’re searching for a “bike shop near me”, remember Owenhouse Cycling is your one-stop shop for all riders! Our bicycle store caters to roadies and gravel grinders as well as single-track shredders! Everyone on our team rides bikes and loves to chat about the local riding scene. We offer year-round rental bikes for the road, trail, and snow. Owenhouse Cycling is also a full-service shop that provides experienced, quality service when your bike isn’t running at its full potential or just needs a little TLC. Forget your bike helmet? Don’t worry! We carry all the latest bike accessories too. You’ll be back out and riding in no time.


GarminTypes Of Garmin Products We Sell

Wherever you go, you’ll want to stay connected. Safety means being seen with the Garmin Varia, it means keeping in touch with the Garmin inReach Mini, it means staying on course with the Garmin Edge 830 and it means keeping your health on track with the Garmin Edge 530. Learn what each device specializes in, their differences, and what you should consider when making your purchasing decision.



Garmin Edge 530


Garmin at Owenhouse Cycling

How effective is your training? How is your body responding to training? How much longer is this climb?? The Garmin Edge 530 answers all these questions and more.

  • Track VO2 max, recovery time, training load, and more.
  • Evaluate exercise history to see if your training is productive or if you’re overreaching.
  • Learn how your body is responding to extreme heat and altitude.
  • Compatible with Shimano Steps eBike System.
  • Advanced metrics: Performance-based on bike setup & body position & Mountain bike jump count, jump distance, and hang time.
  • Measure the difficulty of a ride.
  • Sync TrainingPeaks workouts right to your device.
  • Extended battery life – up to 20 hours using GPS and 40 hours in battery saver mode.
  • Ride-specific mapping, Garmin cycle map, Trailforks app compatible.
  • Compatible with Garmin Varia



Garmin Edge 830

Owenhouse Cycling

What is the difference between the Garmin Edge 530 and the Garmin Edge 830? They have many of the same features but the main difference is the Edge 830 has a touchscreen while the Edge 530 uses 2 buttons. With the Edge 830 touchscreen, you can create routes and new courses directly on the Edge device. With the Garmin Edge 530, you’ll need to create it on a computer or phone first. The performance metrics are the same on both devices and the battery life is also comparable on the two different devices. Discover new trails with the leading trail finding app, Trailforks. Integrated on both devices, you’ll have preloaded trails right at your fingertips.




Garmin Varia


Garmin Varia at Owenhouse Cycling

See and be seen with the Garmin Varia. Paired with the Edge 530, Edge 830, or compatible smartphone, you’ll be alerted to vehicles approaching from behind so you know what’s coming. This radar with a tail light device is small, light, easy to mount, and works with just about any bike. Plus, with up to 16 hours of battery life in day flash mode you can have peace of mind it will be ready to go on your next commute.

  • Varia RTL515 rearview radar provides visual and audible alerts for vehicles approaching from behind.
  • Alert motorists to your presence as soon as possible with daylight visibility up to 1 mile.
  • Multiple pairing options: Edge bike computers, select Garmin wearables, and the Varia smartphone app.
  • Sleek, compact device with a vertical design.



Garmin inReach Mini


Garmin Mini at Owenhouse Cycling

The Garmin inReach Mini is a lightweight and compact satellite communicator. It’s your go-to connection for maintaining off-the-grid contact. No cell service? No problem. Stay in touch with preset messages and keep people updated on your progress with tracking.

  • Traveling globally? Interactive SOS works whenever and wherever you find yourself on an adventure.
  • Two-way messaging keeps you connected.
  • Location tracking and sharing helps keep your loved ones updated on your position and progress.
  • Get connectivity and peace of mind on your other Garmin devices.
  • Weather updates in the palm of your hand.
  • The internal, rechargeable lithium battery gives you up to 90 hours at the default 10-minute tracking mode and up to 24 days in power-saving mode.
  • Fits in the palm of your hand at only 3.5 ounces.

With flexible monthly service plans that work with your adventure lifestyle, the Garmin inReach Mini is your adventure-ready companion for trips planned in advance or spur of the moment. Stay safe and connected no matter where you are with the inReach Mini!


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Upgrade your cycling experience in Bozeman, MT with a new Garmin device! Find a new route, track your performance metrics, stay safely away from approaching cars, and if needed, request SOS emergency services. Garmin devices do so much more than just measure your distance, pace, and heart rate. They keep you connected no matter where you are.

Be sure to visit us at Owenhouse Cycling with any questions you have about Garmin products or even if you just want to chat about popular local rides! Looking for a new bike? Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just thinking about getting your first bike, we’re here to help! We believe there’s a bike for everyone and would be happy to help you find your next perfect ride.